The training room: post-script (2018) par Salomé Ziehli


The training room shows three main parallel narratives, set in different times and locations. Two of the narratives link to collaborations with dancers, the third is drawn from a personal research about body and architecture.

The first collaboration – with Cédric, a freestyle dancer – happened in 2016 where, for eight months, we exchanged our dance practices and discussed how to shape them through improvisation. The project eventually led to reflecting on “danceable environments”.

The second collaboration has been with four ballerinas, Inna, Lana, Luisa and Alice, for a performance in April 2018. The performance dealt with the waiting time before going onstage, before an expected event was supposed to happen. In this work, questions raised about what an event is. An event, expected or unexpected, could split in three stages: an undefined time where causes gather, a definite time of the event itself, and at last, a time where it is possible to reflect on the two previous stages.

The last narrative relates to a broader research on movement in relation to architecture, especially in daily life scenes. It is composed of personal footage and short sequences spontaneously taken on the streets.

The three narratives have been organized through a score, that was written retroactively. Led by the appearance of the characters, the score weaves into lines that meet, interrupt or cross each other.

It starts with the voices of the buildings. Throughout the film, the sound tries to shape into layers, as the voices of the characters try to make their way in.