Virtual Dream Center 2.1


Architecture réalisée par Nicholas Steindorf.
Sound design par Augustin Steyer.



► Exposition The Curator (introduction) de Raphaël Fabre

« Exhibitions are kind of ephemeral moments, sometimes magic moments, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. In this case, not only am I relieved that this « show », this bottomless void the artist has forced us to see, is gone for good, but I would kill to erase it entirely from my memory. It is so arrogant, it is so pretentious and pointless, I find myself waking up at night in anger, sweating my hate for this emptiness. It’s a game alright, but a game of frustration and ego. » Myron Bates


Exposition_The Curator_de Raphaël Fabre_virtual Dream Center
Exposition The Curator (introduction) de Raphaël Fabre, Virtual Dream Center 2.1




► Exposition Les éléments tombent du ciel de fleuryfontaine

« En même temps, une jeune fille parcourait le même entrelacement de terre-pleins, d’escaliers et de piliers. Au niveau supérieur, ça avait tout d’un champ de maisons, pensait-elle, bien que les mots ne suffisent ni tout à fait à caractériser l’horizon qui s’offrait à elle, ni à en décrire la composition délicate. La tortueuse superficie du décor rappelait la complexité de toute socialité autant que son découpage évoquait l’abstraction territoriale de Klee dans Highways and Byways. » Data Rhei


Exposition_Les éléments tombent du ciel_fleuryfontaine
Exposition Les éléments tombent du ciel de fleuryfontaine, Virtual Dream Center 2.1




► Exposition Aller-retour de Baptiste Caccia

« Navigating through the world of images and reproductions, Baptiste Caccia takes the viewer to an experience of a virtual world where his practice becomes an overwhelming dream-like sequence. The French artist defies the rules of representation and distort our perception of the substance of an image. What makes an image? What becomes one? What can it do? Here are the questions laid in front of us by Caccia in this project. » Damîen Bertelle-Rogier


Exposition_Aller-retour_Baptiste Caccia
Exposition Aller-retour de Baptiste Caccia, Virtual Dream Center 2.1




► Exposition Endless Collage City de Jean-Baptiste Lenglet

« The most simplistic assumption about the museum’s architecture (as a man-made construction) would be: it needs to be the ideal carrier of the objects it contains. What does ‘ideal’ mean here? Maybe something not too far from a certain kind of aptness, or functionality, though sometimes an urge for the spectacular kicks in. On the other hand, I am seeing flashes of a dissonant image – the figure of a man approaching the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin. It is a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain (1966), in which Paul Newman enters deserted galleries, and finds himself trapped in a dreamlike situation. (…) » Enrico Camporesi


Exposition_Endless Collage City_Jean-Baptiste Lenglet_Virtual Dream Center
Exposition Endless Collage City de Jean-Baptiste Lenglet, Virtual Dream Center 2.1